University of Otago Dental Facility


Insite Facades Ltd collaborated with Savory Construction for the feature entrance of this building consisting of 8mm Fundermax with bespoke cut-outs to fins and balustrade infill panels.

Cutting bespoke designs in HPL panels was a first time for us and required a trial and error approach to ensure we used the right process to create a high-quality finish. Initially, the routed CNC cut-outs on the balustrade infills were jamming and deforming the shape and scratching the décor, our team ended up milling each shape gradually until there were no cut-out pieces. The Fins were cut on a waterjet due to the smaller more detailed holes required and it took some time to get the water jet pressure just right to create a clean cut edge.

Another challenge was getting the mild steel stanchions for the balustrade the right height as the slab for the walkway was sloping and our inhouse engineering required that we clamp to the edge of the slab and fix right through meaning packing adjustment was limited. Insite Facades Ltd have years of experience in commercial installation on behalf of our parent company Thermosash so when precise site measure, design manufacture and installation are required we have the skills to produce a millimeter-perfect finished product.

This design is pleasing and something we are very proud to have helped achieve.


Client: University of Otago

LOCATION Auckland, New Zealand
MAIN CONTRACTOR Savory Construction Ltd.