Our Core Purpose

To lead the industry through exceptional project outcomes.

Our Core Values

  • Safety without compromise
  • Belief in our capabilities
  • Honesty without question
  • Continuous improvement
  • Work as a team
  • Smart thinking
  • Time matters

These core values are shown daily in all our teams, and represent who we are as a company.

Insite Facades, (formally Insite Aluminium Ltd) established in 1988 as a façade installation contractor. Insite has a proud history of involvement in some of Auckland City’s most iconic commercial façade projects.

In 2014 Insite Facades Ltd joined the Thermosash Group of Companies: Thermosash Commercial Ltd, Woods Glass Ltd, Stile Aluminium Ltd and Window Engineering Consultants.

Our founding director Jonathan Calder continues in his role as Insite Facades Ltd managing director.

Insite Facades Ltd has accumulated a vast depth of experience throughout our 30 years of façade contracting in New Zealand, which enables us to undertake large scale commercial projects with the confidence to achieve project objectives.

Insite Facades core purpose is ‘to lead our industry through exceptional project outcomes’.  To achieve this we partner with our clients throughout the project life cycle from concept feasibility to operations and maintenance manual handover.


Management Team

Our Management Team is the core of our business that underpins and supports our Site Managers and their teams on all our projects around Auckland. We can also resource projects in other main centres around the country by utilising Thermosash Group's regional offices and manufacturing facilities.  

Our commitment to training and professional development enables our teams to take on a project of any complexity. Our clients and the construction industry can put confidence in Insite's many years of combined experience and knowledge.


Each project presents the team with a unique set of challenges to overcome when it comes to installing facade elements. Each requires careful planning and development of a unique project specific installation methodology. Knowledge of ‘how to’ achieve this is one of our key strengths at Insite, drawing from years of accumulated experience.

Health and Safety

“If it can’t be done safely, it can’t be done at all”.

Our stringent methodology development establishes safe work procedures for each site installation activity. High-rise construction demands the highest safety standards, which we are proud to have maintained since our inception.

Our strict safety regime and near flawless accident record is a standout for builders and confirms the emphasis we attribute to safety. 


Quality Assurance

Every step of site installation is planned and monitored by our experienced Site Managers and teams.  Through best practice industry systems, materials and compliance, our installation process is checked to ensure final products meet the design intent and that the QA process provides assurance around the correct sequence of steps for a sound installation.


Each project brings it's own unique challenges. Careful planning and development of the installation methodology is required to ensure that each challenge is considered and managed, with potential risks minimised.

Knowledge of ‘how to’ is one of our key strengths, drawing from years of experience.

We work closely with our clients to develop a sequence of installation that will fit within the construction programme and our own manufacturing requirements. 


As a facade partner, we are able to procure a large range of materials from our supplier network to meet the needs of all our clients.  Terracotta from Spain, large-format porcelain from Europe, or High-pressure laminate from Germany, the options are endless. 


B-Hive Building, Auckland

B-Hive Building, Auckland

Commercial Bay, Auckland

Commercial Bay, Auckland

University of Auckland - M1

University of Auckland - M1

As installation contractors, Insite Facades has completed many of Auckland City’s commercial façade projects including: