Terracotta Tiles & Baguettes


Terracotta tiles provide a solid facade product option to suit most design challenges and stylish facade projects. Terracotta delivers long life benefits for the building owner and occupants.

* Versatile - wide range of colours, dimension and finishes,
* Dimensionally accurate - easy to design with less waste
* Durable - most terracotta tiles have a durability of 100+ years
* Thermal & sound benefits - the ventilated cavity increasing thermal efficiency whilst reducing noise
* Fire and maintenance - whilst being non-combustible it also requires little maintenance

Terracotta tiles are typically fixed back to the building by way of a light weight sub-support structure. The depth of the cavity can vary, however typical dimensions are anywhere from 50 - 100mm+. 
The simplicity of the terracotta hanging system means that the tiles can be installed quickly compared to other facade options and require minimal fabrication. A terracotta wall cladding solution offers many advantages in terms of thermal insulation, sound absorption, moisture protection and fire resistance.

Fire Rating

With the challenges around reducing flame spread, designers and architects are looking for alternative products to standard materials, and are demanding flame resistant or non-combustible products; terracotta is a perfect choice.


The word “terracottacomes from the Italian words meaning “baked earth", and implies its origin, and is made of a clay base  providing effective insulation against hot and cold temperatures. The interior and the exterior surface temperatures are moderated thanks to the terracotta skin barrier and air chamber which moves the dew point away from the wall cavity, creating a dryer and warmer climate for occupants. We currently source our tiles from either Argeton & or Faveton.

Product Finishes

From the classic to the lively or stylish tile options, terracotta can provide a solid appearing, linear façade option to your project.  Available in smooth, grooved or custom extrusion in various length and panel widths.

Tile Sizes

Terracotta tiles are available in standard sizes or we can manufacture bespoke extruded sizes upon request (minimum quantities required).