Solar Louvres or Performance Louvres


The predominant use of aluminium in the façade industry is due to the material's unique properties: versatile, light weight, easily extruded into complex shapes, strong, low metal reactivity, self healing, non-corrosive, low maintenance and relatively low cost.

It is also used for all associated work with façades such as flashings and solar shading louvres and fins.

Using modern technology, Insite Facades can develop a digital solar model to gain specific data on the effect of the sun on the building at certain times of the day, and at different months of the year. We can offer a solution and model the effect the louvre would have on the building and its occupants. Different solutions can be tailored to different faces of the building façade to meet shading as well as aesthetic requirements.

Solar shading louvres or fins reduces glare, provides cooler work environments by reducing the ambient temperature for building occupants and enables a more efficient use of AC units.

Fire Rating

Aluminium is non-combustible to a point, however a Fire Engineer should be consulted to ensure compliance to code, and confirm the suitability of the specified product.


For Aluminium extrusion we recommend the following surface finishes:
• Polyester powder coat - both standard and special colours available including new technology timber grained powdercoat finishes
• Anodised - all anodised colours available - commercial grade 20 micron finish recommended


Being part of the Thermosash Group of companies enables us undertake work that others cannot do, with expertise and machinery including CNC saws, wall saws, flat bed routers, water bed cutters, CAM folding machines and more.


Solar louvres can be bespoke designed and engineered to provide an aesthetic solution that meets your building project requirements.

Insite has a wide range of exclusive extrusion dies to chose from.

Spanning Ability & Section Sizes

Taking into consideration span, structural system, and environmental loads (e.g. wind). The spanning ability and required section sizes will vary depending on the above factors.


Can be designed for light, glare, heat and aesthetics
Depending on the façade system used – can be integrated into the system
Fully customisable to bespoke designs
Can be fixed or pivoted

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