Steel n Tube Retrofit Louvres

City: East Tamaki, Auckland
Architect: Sunblade
Construction Company: Kaipara Properties
Completed: Dec 2016

The client was clear from the initial meeting, that the 1st floor of the Steel n Tube offices needed a retro-fit performance louvre introduced.  They wanted to reduce the solar heat gain and light entering the building during the summer months.

Using modern technology, Insite Facades developed a digital solar model to gain specific data on the effect of the sun on the building at certain times of the day, and at different months of the year.  We introduced a solar solution and modelled the effect the louvre would have on the shade, and presented the benefits to the building and its occupants.

Our solution recommended a different louvre design to the North face, than the North East face.  The angle and height of the sun during the summer months, meant an eyebrow louvre was the better option on the North, while early morning glare (not heat) on the North-East face, meant a column louvre solution delivered best results without impacting the visual area.

The solution we proposed greatly reduced the building owners own expectation of what was required, keeping the costs down and limiting the disruption for the tenants.

Providing a PS1 and PS3 ticked all the boxes for the client, and they were able to rely on Insite's own in-house engineering, manufacturing and installation expertise.  We ensured water proof integrity to the existing ACP and structural suitability back to primary steel, for for wind-loads and movement considerations.

The final solution looks as if it was developed as part of the original design.  As a team we are proud of what we achieved for the client.

The building occupants experienced an immediate and permanent impact with reduced direct UV (heat) buildup by midday, reducing the overall ambient temperature and allowing the AC to do the job it was designed to do.

Immediate benefits to the occupants was reduced glare and a happier place to work. Cool heads make better decisions, according to one person we interviewed.

Before Louvre Solution

Before Louvre Solution

After Louvres Solution

After Louvres Solution