Southern Cross Hospital, Northern Clinic Extension

City: Wairau Park, North Shore Auckland
Architect: Archimedia
Construction Company: Savory Construction
Completed: September 2018

Insite Facades recently completed a Sunshade Louvre Project at 212 Wairau Road, Glenfield for Savory Construction at site of the Southern Cross Hospital building extension.

The modern design incorporated a 4-degree rake to the steel substructure, and a complex mitered corner on the louvres, specifying the proprietary DT180 louvre profile.

Specifying the stiffer propitiatory DT180 over the 120 was more in line with the architectural intent, and catered better with the wider spans presented by the designs vertical sub-support structure. Our own in-house engineers checked the wall thickness approving use of the DT180 over 2.3M span.

A total of 2200 meters of louvre was extruded at our aluminium supply partner, which made up a total of 550 blades, batch anodised to ensure a seamless colour finish.

Use of our parent company (Thermosash's) facilities just over the road, meant we had easy access to the twin-cut saw in their factory.  This made the compound mitre cuts to the North West corner world class and easier to fabricate, which was reflected in the end result.

The photos tell the story, and we were excited to have been involved in such a flagship project for Savory and their client. The louvres finish-off the building and serve to reduce the solar heat gain inside the building as the warmer months roll in.

The project was completed on time and within budget for Savory Construction.