NewMarket Railway Station

City: Broadway Newmarket, Auckland
Architect: Opus Architecture and Herriot +Melhuish

Newmarket’s popular train station was judged one of the country’s best new buildings when it was completed in 2008.

The station is the city’s second busiest after Britomart, and is a key junction in Auckland’s rail network. Auckland Transport replaced the old station, which closed in January 2008, to allow for both track realignment and construction of a large modern station, the pinnacle of which is the impressive and overarching ceiling.

The two-year rebuild required major works in a tightly confined and busy space. Insite Facades won the tender to supply, engineer, fabricate and install 1000+M2 of HPL platform ceiling panel.

The hundreds of unique oblong perforations in each panel, required precision CNC machining by the factory team. This was delivered to meet a tight installation programme so the station could be returned for public use as soon as possible.

As well as the perforation, careful consideration was needed to incorporate the many tubular angle supports through the panels.  At unique positions, they all required careful 3D modelling of the design.

The Fundermax HPL product used on this building was specified by Opus Architecture and Herriot +Melhuish.