Insite Training and Development

Insite have recently rolled out a Training and Development Programme, which has been designed to help our employees learn specific knowledge and skills to improve performance in their roles and progress their career development within our industry. When you start your career at Insite you will be enrolled in our in-house Level of Competency ladder, to help you progress through from a junior installer all the way up to a Senior Team Leader.

We have also identified a number of formal industry qualifications that fit within our business objectives, that our employees can apply for to study during their employment.  Each qualification has different eligibility criteria and conditions, and Insite may provide part or full subsidies for completing these qualifications.

Insite Ladder of Competency (LOC)

The LOC was created as an in-house training programme so that our installers can move up levels from beginner to Senior Team Leader and learn the required responsibilities at each level.

NZ Certificate in Architectural Aluminium Joinery (Installer) Level 4

This Certificate is run by BCITO, and is NZQA accredited (90-100 credits).  The training is done on site while you work, and includes all resources.  Insite becomes your trainer when you are onsite and a BCITO Training Advisor will visit you to ensure you are on-track with your study.

Certificate in Construction Site Safety Level 3

This Certificate is run by Site Safe in collaboration with Unitec, and is NZQA accredited (40 credits).  The certificate will require you to complete a range of Site Safe training courses to a total of 40 credits. You start with a Site Safe Passport then pick the path that’s best for you (Worker, Supervisor or Manager). Every Site Safe course gives you between 3 and 12 credits towards the Certificate. When you’ve completed 40 credits, you’ll have the Certificate. 

English Training

Insite are committed to helping all our migrant employees to improve their English competency to not only help them on the job, but also out in the community.  An employee who can communicate well is a happy and safe team member.