Installation Expertise

In today's client-led, design-intensive market, buildings are becoming more complex and adventurous in shape and form, many with multiple facade elements on a single building. In turn the role of installing complex multi-faceted façades requires deeper, more sophisticated installation knowledge and resource.

More than ever clients, architects, and builders are looking to the subcontractor to develop products and systems to meet these high-end designs while maintaining a focus on value to limit the impact of cost when it comes to installation complexity and duration.

Early Engagement

Insite believes that to complete a project in the modern construction environment successfully, the installation team need to be engaged as early as possible to bring the install methodology into play earlier, influencing the products specified, sequence and speed of installation.

There is no doubt that the modern building demands innovative forward-thinking ideas to value engineer solutions onsite, and overcome some of the fishhooks and challenges that engineering alone cannot solve.

To make this happen Insite Facades is able to tap into a huge knowledge base of employees and rich installation history to come up with safer & smarter ways of getting the problems solved and products installed.


The decision by our CEO to continue reinvesting into specialist plant and equipment sets us apart from our competitor and gives us the edge of other subcontractors, which reinforces to the market that we take all projects seriously.  In some cases, by owning our own unique lifting and launching equipment for high rise installations we are able to minimise the time that a tower crane is required; and on low rises, we can do away with the need for a tower crane all together.

Site Management

Our site managers have been brought through our in-house levels of competency system to combine years of project and product experience with a deep understanding of client & customer requirements.

They bring with them the mental fortitude to run highly complex projects across multiple sites and work teams.


Each project presents the team with a unique set of challenges to overcome when it comes to installing facade elements. Each requires careful planning and development of a unique project specific installation methodology. Knowledge of ‘how to’ achieve this is one of our key strengths at Insite, drawing from years of accumulated experience. We work closely with our clients to develop a methodology to minimise installation time and access costs. Methodology is directly linked to our quality assurance and site safety systems.

Man Power

We have a significant number of full-time commercial facade and Rainscreen system installers (100+), some of which have been with the company for over 15 years.  Our install team is underpinned by a slick and experienced administration and project management team supporting them at every stage.

We recognise the importance of sharing the knowledge and expertise of our install team, and have put in place a job competency & training program allowing the junior installers to observe and learn from their senior more experienced colleagues.  Sharing knowledge and experience ensures mistakes are limited and lessons are passed down through the ranks, breeding a culture of 'Do it once - Do it right!'.


Flagship Projects

Over the past 15 years Insite has completed the installation of some of New Zealand's flagship architectural building achievements, including:


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Deloitte Centre, Auckland

Deloitte Centre, Auckland

Spark (Telecom) Building, Wellington

Spark (Telecom) Building, Wellington