Quality Assurance

At Insite we take pride in our Quality Assurance process.  We have recently replaced our paper based legacy system, with a new cloud based technology (ConQA) that allows the capture of information at the control point on-site.

In today's fast paced tight deadline construction program environment, it is imperative that the logical steps of installation are recorded at the time they are installed, demonstrating the correct installation sequence and the correct specified products used.

When providing a weathering warranty in today's market, our senior management need to have absolute faith that the project has been installed as it was designed and intended; fixings type correct, engagement depth photographed, rear air seals intact and tooled into the area. No amount of paper based recording could capture this level of detail over the course of the project and present it in a way that makes life easy for the main contractor and facade consultant to approve.

When discussing your next project with us, ask us to demonstrate the power of ConQA.